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Landmark Health Innovations Forum

Joseph Pergolizzi, M.D., President of Native Cardio, Inc., will present the company’s innovative solution to atrial fibrillation at the Landmark Health Innovations Forum on February 25, 2020 at Club 101 in New York City. Native Cardio, Inc. will be among 22-25 companies that will present in the device, diagnostic, health information and biotech sectors. Native Cardio, Inc. will present to an audience of 65-70 investors representing family Offices, individuals who have sold businesses, C level executives of major corporations, and asset, wealth and hedge fund executives. Program highlights include: company presentations, multiple 20-30 minute networking sessions, a luncheon, two Panel discussions and a closing reception. The National Institute of Health (NIH) will deliver the keynote on changes in the grant award programs. The health panel will discuss emerging trends in medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. The life science panel will explore how more traditional therapeutic approaches to disease are evolving to patient and wellness centered upon genomics, proteomics and real time health information.


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