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Native Cardio Team Publishes Endocarditis - Diagnosis and Treatment

NAPLES, Florida., November 09, 2023

Native Cardio team members publish with IntechOpen on its new book titled, Endocarditis - Diagnosis and Treatment (ISBN 978-1-80356-741-9) The published book covers how Infective endocarditis is a devastating disease that affects the heart´s inner lining, typically due to bacterial infections. The infection harms the valves, causing them to leak, and creates clots that move to other organs, including the brain. Patients with congenital heart disease and prosthetic valves and those who use intravenous drugs are at considerable risk. Surgical procedures and dental extraction may lead to endocarditis in vulnerable patients. The management of endocarditis involves a multidisciplinary team that includes a cardiologist and infectious disease specialists with competence in echocardiography and other imaging as well as thoracic surgery. This book explores diverse aspects of infective endocarditis and discusses recent advances in its diagnosis and treatment.

About Native Cardio

Native Cardio, Inc. is a cardiac medical device manufacturer located in Naples, Florida, developing products to treat atrial arrhythmias. Our initial product is the Rhythm Maker, a technology that addresses a critical unmet need of postoperative atrial fibrillation (POAF) that often manifests following cardiovascular, thoracic, and abdominal surgery. POAF is a highly prevalent, must-treat cardiac condition. Our patented technology utilizes a novel approach that is designed to deliver ultra-low energy cardioversion directly to the atria of the heart. The system is cost-efficient, reduces expenditures, and offers an effective and precise treatment solution without the severe side effects often associated with current treatment options. For more information, visit


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